We are Provide DEMAT Account Services.


Are you looking for a stress-free way to reap the benefits of the stock market? Then start your investment journey via Bank’s All-in-1 Investment Account. The All-in-1 Investment Account offers three accounts, i.e., a Savings Account, a Demat Account and a Trading Account. That way, you can keep track of your savings as well as your investments under one roof.


If you want to buy and sell securities, you need a Trading Account. Securities like shares, government bonds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) purchased through a Trading Account can be stored in a digital format in a Demat Account. Moreover, you can finance the buying and selling of securities with funds from a Savings Account. With Bank’s All-in-1 Investment Account, you can now enjoy the benefits of all three accounts together, and it only takes 10 minutes to get started.


As an existing customer of the bank, you can link your Savings Account to the Demat and Trading Accounts instantly.

All-In-1 Investment Account – Your digital doorway to financial freedom 

₹20 per trade for derivatives investment

3-in-1A/C Experience the joy of seamless investing

Free Demat AMC for first year. Enjoy max capping of ₹4999 on demat debit transaction cost. (Min. is ₹ 30)

Experience the joy of seamless Investing! Open an All-in-1 Investment Account with 3 easy steps; It takes less than 10^ minutes to complete the process.

Why should you open an All-In-1 Investment Account with us?

  1. Demat AMC free for first year 
  2. Equity delivery brokerage upto 10 paisa
  3. Invest in derivatives at Rs.20 per trade
  4. Research backed recommendations from various Securities
  5. 4x Margin Trading Facility
  6. Apply for IPOs in just 3 clicks
  7. Relationship Manager Services
  8. Zero interest on Derivative margin paid as pledge

Eligibility & Documents:

To open a Demat & Trading account online customer needs no documents and customer has to be a Resident Individual with Sole account Holder having an existing Bank Savings or Salary account 

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