We are Provide FD Account Services.


Bank Fixed Deposits and the interest on them are a good source of income – in a safe and assured manner. Choose a tenure and amount of your choice to grow your income in a steady fashion.

You can open an FD for as less as ₹ 5,000, and use it as a back-up for your savings or current account with Sweep-in and Super Saver Facilities. Bank Fixed Deposits are easy and convenient to open or liquidate whenever necessary.


How Does It Work?

Easy investment with attractive interest rates, flexibility, high returns and security

Higher rate of interest on Fixed Deposit for Senior Citizen

Convenience of booking deposit through NetBanking



Below are the individuals and groups eligible for a Regular Fixed Deposit:

  1. Residents
  2. Hindu undivided families
  3. Sole proprietorship firms
  4. Partnership firms
  5. Limited companies
  6. Trust accounts


Documents Required:


  1. Recent photograph
  2. KYC documents

Individual & Company proofs:

  1. PAN card
  2. Aadhar Card
  3. Passport
  4. Driving License
  5. Voter’s ID
  6. Partnership proofs:
  7. Incorporating certificate
  8. Authorized signatories ID proofs
  9. Partnership Deed
  10. Authorized signatories’ signatures

Hindu Undivided Family:

  1. Self-attested PAN card
  2. HUF declaration deed
  3. HUF’s Bank Statement
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